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Joey Skaggs “Maestro of the Farce” interviewed by Spanish arts and activist collective Homo Velamine [Spanish & English]

An in-depth interview with Joey Skaggs by Demófila Martínez and Luis Platypus of Homo Velamine Excerpt: “The internet has theoretically made the world more democratic in the sense that more people can contribute to the conversation. But the internet is not only a tool, it has become a weapon. I’m reminded of a short Surrealist…

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SVA First Person

SVA First Person: Joey Skaggs on the ‘Art of the Prank’ October 30, 2015 Long before social media, hidden camera prank shows likePunk’d and Jackass, and culture-jamming activist groups like The Yes Men, SVA alumnus and former faculty member Joey Skaggs (BFA 1982 Media Arts) had already turned the media hoax into an art form. Read…

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