Art of the Prank on YouTube

Taking audiences on a wild ride, this emotional and humorous documentary from filmmaker Andrea Marini follows the evolution of New York artist Joey Skaggs, a fierce proponent of independent thinking and an early critic of media irresponsibility. For decades, he has used carefully crafted messages to fool journalists into publishing topical but outrageous stories that, when revealed as fake, make stunning social commentary. His work is more relevant today than ever.




Movie Reviews:

“If you don’t know who Joey Skaggs is, know this: he is a f*cking national treasure! One of the best pranksters in history, Skaggs has consistently exposed the chronic gullibility of the American news media. We see him provide comical and sometimes biting commentary on our society in Art of the Prank, all carried out with deadpan precision.” -FANDOR

“Joey Skaggs demonstrates just how far art can go to make a point. The documentary, Art of the Prank compiles decades of work into less than 90 minutes, which to me is an absolutely mind blowing feat.” -CALGARYMOVIES.COM

“A rarity in any day and age, Joey Skaggs has succeeded in getting media attention to an issue nobody in the media wants to look at: the unreliability of the media. He has successfully fooled the mainstream news outlets over and over again with absurd but biting false narratives.” -TIMES QUOTIDIAN

“Really fascinating…incredible.” -FILM COLOSSUS

“Highlight of Slamdance” -ROGER EBERT

“…you’ll be hard pressed to find a subject more entertaining and a character more worthy of sharing 90 minutes with.” -JOSHUA REVIEWS


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