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Taking audiences on a wild ride, this emotional and humorous documentary from filmmaker Andrea Marini follows the evolution of New York artist Joey Skaggs, a fierce proponent of independent thinking and an early critic of media irresponsibility. For decades, he has used carefully crafted messages to fool journalists into publishing topical but outrageous stories that, when revealed as fake, make stunning social commentary. His work is more relevant today than ever. In this award-winning critically-acclaimed film, Marini interweaves fascinating archival footage with a singularly unforgettable moment, when Skaggs attempts to pull off the most demanding media hoax of his career.




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Art of the Prank is a laugh-out-loud documentary with a pertinent message for our times, when fake and exaggerated news stories proliferate and people readily believe what they’re told instead of investigating and engaging in critical thinking. -SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN

WAY before those Jackass man-children went on their years-long parade of juvenile pranks and stunts, there was Joey Skaggs. The polar opposite of that loud, brash and obnoxious ragtag team of envelope pushers, Skaggs is a quiet, likeable fellow who put more thought and effort into one prank than what was put into a whole series of Jackass. -COMMUNITYNEWS

Chronicling the most demanding hoax of Skaggs’ career, filmmaker Andrea Marini provides privileged access to the thoughts and actions of this most unconventional man, following the evolution of an artist who has dedicated his life to seeking social change by relentlessly challenging the status quo. -WE ARE MOVIE GEEKS

[Andrea] Marini approaches Skaggs’ irreverence with reverence, and it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. Skaggs himself comes across as an affably angry individual who is fighting back against what he sees as pervasive institutional evil and corruption with the tools at his disposal… After decades working under various noms de guerre to further his plots, Joey Skaggs deserves a little time in the sun, and Art of the Prank is a fitting tribute. -FILMINK

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