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Taking audiences on a wild ride, this emotional and humorous documentary from filmmaker Andrea Marini follows the evolution of New York artist Joey Skaggs, a fierce proponent of independent thinking and an early critic of media irresponsibility. For decades, he has used carefully crafted messages to fool journalists into publishing topical but outrageous stories that, when revealed as fake, make stunning social commentary. His work is more relevant today than ever.



Movie Reviews:

“Art of the Prank was hysterical, sometimes shocking and ridiculous, but mostly inspiring and thought provoking. The media influences us daily and Joey, through his art, reminds us: Don’t believe everything you’re told.” -DIRCKSEY

“Lambasting the media has certainly been in fashion this election season, but no one has been doing it longer and in better style than Joey Skaggs.” -BEDFORD + BOWERY

“Skaggs is both an artist and a professional prankster. As this documentary follows his escapades, it offers a simultaneously funny and very alarming look at the propaganda and disinformation fed to the unsuspecting public every day by the mainstream media. Skaggs’ work is as relevant today–if not more so–as it was when he launched his artistic hoaxes 50 years ago. Audiences are inspired to question the very core of their beliefs.” -NEW JERSEY STAGE

“Some documentaries have a interesting idea or subject and fail to deliver that in an entertaining manner. Fortunately, Art of the Prank is both entertaining as well as very, very enlightening. Joey Skaggs is an intriguing and relatable individual. He wants to make changes in the world, and can do that through the way he knows best.” -AB FILM REVIEW

“Highly Recommended. [Skaggs’s] charm is infectious and it is fun to watch him fool the media.” -VIDEO LIBRARIAN

“Fun and entertaining” -BOOKLIST

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