Hippie Bus Tour to Queens (1968):

To satirize the busloads of tourists who came to the East Village to gawk at the hippies, Joey Skaggs rented a Greyhound sight-seeing bus and took sixty bearded, beaded, camera-toting hippies on a tour of suburban Queens. He called it his “Cultural Exchange Tour.”

Cathouse for Dogs (1976):


Created by supposed country western singer Joey Skaggs, this bordello for canines offered to get your dog sexually gratified for $50. Dogs were groomed and primped and matched up purely for their doggie pleasure.

Celebrity Sperm Bank Auction (1976):

Giuseppe Scaggoli (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs) created the Celebrity Sperm Bank to auction off celebrity sperm. The night before the first auction, the sperm was mysteriously stolen, so the auction was cancelled. None-the-less, the Celebrity Sperm Bank was widely reported as a thriving new and controversial business by print, television and radio media.

Metamorphosis – Cockroach Vitamin Pill (1981):dirfav_Roach

“Roaches have been around for 350 million years,” said entomologist Dr. Josef Gregor, (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs). “They’ll survive a nuclear holocaust. We have much to learn from them.” Gregor, leader of a group called Metamorphosis, bred a super strain of cockroaches, extracted their hormones, and made a cockroach vitamin pill which he said cured arthritis, acne, anemia and menstrual cramps–as well as making one invulnerable to nuclear radiation.

The Fat Squad (1986):

“You can hire us but you cannot fire us. Our commandos take no bribes.” That was the motto of Joe Bones (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), ex-U.S. Marine drill sergeant, and founder of the Fat Squad, an organization created to rub out fat. Clients signed a contract to allow Bones’ calorie cops to be with them 24 hours a day and physically restrain them from breaking their diets–whether on a date, at the job or in the bedroom.

Comacocoon (1990):dirfav_Coma

In the Fall of 1990, Dr. Schlafer, German for sleeper, sent out 1,500 letters with a brochure and questionnaire offering the world’s first comprehensive dream vacation package utilizing a revolutionary pioneering BioImpression(tm) computer system to provide a state of total suspended animation and intensive, concentrated regeneration through anesthesiology and subliminal programming.

Portofess (1992):dirfav_Porto

A life-size confessional booth on wheels pedaling up New York’s 8th Avenue during the 1992 Democratic convention caused a media sensation. Joey Skaggs as Father Anthony Joseph was unrepentant.

The Solomon Project (1995):

Do you believe there is “equal justice for all”? Believing that the courts can often be biased, Dr. Joseph Bonuso (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs) created the solution. Working with more than 150 artificial intelligence scientists, judges and attorneys over seven years, Dr. Bonuso created the Solomon Project, a series of supercomputers which would render civil and criminal decisions with great speed, low cost and no prejudice, totally revamping the American judicial system.