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The Art of the Prank tackles a serious issue with biting humor. Joey Skaggs, quintessential master of the media hoax, prepares the ultimate hoax…submitting a documentary on a controversial subject to dozens of prestigious national and international film festivals. As the drama unfolds the audience is careened along a knife’s edge of truth…ultimately exposing the media’s (and the public’s) gullibility. The hoax was revealed for the first time on November 4 at the packed SVA Theatre in Chelsea, New York.

A thoroughly enjoyable documentary illustrating how careful we should be on what we read in the media. Frighteningly funny!

Loved loved loved it.

Joey Skaggs is amazing….a true talent and the documentary was well done. I was surprised that my friend Robert Forester was in it and that made my evening as I texted him that I was at the screening…

Overall, my guest and I really enjoyed it. The film was the right amount of time with the right prior pranks selected to give you knowledge of who Joey Skaggs is.

Andrea Marini really made it come together and come to life along with some great laughs.

4+ stars from me.

Joey Skaggs and his pranks over the decades – more of a performance artist than the activist. Good natured pranks that never put him in terrible situations. Probably all of the participants in the documentary were volunteers and friends of his. People came from Hawaii to see the presentation of this documentary at SVA Theatre. The gathering brought all kind of characters of downtown – many of them already knew Joey Skaggs from the past. The documentary is educational.

The Art of the Prank turned out to be ever more interesting and thought provoking than I had anticipated. The introduction and Q & A session by Joey Skaggs added a dimension of humanity and insight into the documentary itself, and into the oeuvre of its subject. The documentary portrayed a performance artist whose goal was not to pontificate or tell people what to think but rather to stimulate and encourage them to think about things in a new way. I believe his hoaxes served to shake people from the mundane and catalyze in them new perspectives. And this he accomplished through the artful creation and execution of extremely complex yet good spirited pranks.

“Art of The Prank” was everything a New Yorker could want in a ‘feel good’ movie. It brought you back to the ‘good ol’ days’ of New York and proved that some of those people still do exist and haven’t given up on their craft. What’s interesting is that it shows that while the city has changed, the media has stayed gullible and sends a message that as long as they continue to stay behind, Joey Skaggs will continue to point it out.