Art of the Prank is available October 9, 2017 on iTunes and other digital platforms

ART OF THE PRANK comes to iTunes & more October 9, 2017!

On October 9, 2017, Kew Media Group will release
Andrea Marini’s hilarious award-winning documentary about
Joey Skaggs, the original anti-fake news pioneer.

Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Vimeo, Hoopla and Googleplay
(U.S. and Canada).

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If you don’t know who Joey Skaggs is, know this: he is a f*cking national treasure! One of the best pranksters in history, Skaggs has consistently exposed the chronic gullibility of the American news media. We see him provide comical and sometimes biting commentary on our society in Art of the Prank, all carried out with deadpan precision. -Fandor

Director Andrea Marini profiles Skaggs in his fascinating new documentary, Art of the Prank. Marini crosscuts to the greatest hits of Skaggs’ past and back to the present as plans for his latest prank unfold.
-Hammer To Nail

…what Skaggs aims for is to get people to not only laugh, but to think critically. What defines our reality is so often what we want it to be defined as, and we become so complacent in that skewed worldview that we’ll believe anything that matches up. Skaggs wants you to push that limit, and he’ll get right in your face through any angle he can to get you to do so.

Check out Kew Media Group’s announcement here.